Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Wedding of the Year!!!

I finished off my wedding calendar for the year this past Saturday and ,of course, had a ball! Jessica had more than one excuse to be my first bridezilla but responded to all of my mishaps with her beautiful and genuine smile. Thank goodness she shares the philosophy with me that the things that happen at weddings that are not planned or expected are what make the best memories. For example, beside the country church were beautiful trees and a majestic field of grass. I am always hypnotically drawn to fields of grass when I am with a bride. Anyway, we walk over and Jessica takes two steps into the field and a bush of "hitch hikers" jumps on the skirt and train of her beautiful white dress. I about had a heart attack. She laughed as we backed out slowly. I spent the next 20 minutes picking the little suckers off of her dress. A few of them left little dusty prints but thank goodness they were not visible with the natural eye. Jessica could have pitched a fit and fired me on the spot but instead she laughed and helped pick them off. She truly was beautiful and fabulous to work with. Trey (her hubby) wasn't bad either. Thanks so much to Ms. Amelia, Melissa (her sister and another one of my precious brides this season), and Jessica for making the end of my year so pleasant. I am so happy to have gotten to know you all and I am blessed to now have you all as my friends.

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