Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eufala (Comer)...Here We Come Again!

Last Wednesday, my dear friend Ginger and I traveled to Eufala to take bridal portraits of Mallory. Well, believe it or not, we were early getting there. We looked around and scouted out the place and eventually found the overseer of the plantation. Ginger asked where we could get a Mountain Dew and he directed us back up the road to the Day and Night Grocery. This would not normally be odd, but when we drove by on the way in, the grocery looked abandoned. In fact we commented on how cute it was and how it was a shame that it was closed. Anyway, Phil, the overseer, said that this time a day it would be packed...(15 minutes after we had seen it abandoned). She and I got in the car and drove to "Day and Night" and to our great surprise it was packed. We got our picture made with the owners, Mr. & Mrs. Comer and Ginger got her picture in front of the store and with Mr. Bicycle. It was such a pleasure meeting everyone in Comer. This is why I love what I do so much. I have said it again and again. This job puts me in contact with people that otherwise I would never meet. I am so blessed! God has given me this desire and I hope that I honor Him on my travels as I carry out my job.

In about 30 minutes we are heading south again. The actual wedding is today at 6:00 and the day could not be more beautiful. This time, Mallory, we will not get attacked by wild horses and hopefully Ginger can stay out of the electric fence!

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