Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just checking in with everyone!!

Well...I'm back from my week long trip at the beach with my family. We of course made plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. I shared the "cheese slap" with my brothers that I learned from some of my former students...(Carter)! From there it evolved into many other kinds of slaps...ham, corn, lettuce...but the cheese slap remained the favorite. We also had an encounter with an Osprey. Some of you may not know what that is, but if you are my former science student, I know you better! It is a sea bird that is truly beautiful. Every night it would roost in a dead tree outside of our balcony. Because it was so dark the first night, we could not quite make out what it was. We could only see it moving around up there. The debate was open... was it a possum, owl, lemur? Finally, my brother's friend, (the bird specialist), told us what it was and because we had no choice, we believed her. The next night we got a flashlight and confirmed what she had said was correct. We went out to eat at some amazing places. As always, my Daddy had to go to The Original Oyster House. And as always, we waited for two and a half hours. But it was worth it...the children got to feed the fish with hijacked fish food and Mom & I got to look around at all of the cute shops surrounding the restaurant.
As you can see, we are an exciting bunch. I am so blessed to have my two younger brothers and wonderful parents. My sister in law is also not so bad. I'll post a few pictures once I get them loaded on here. I didn't do any formal pics this year but I have plenty of other fun shots to share. I thank God everyday for my life and my blessings. I truly don't deserve any of them! I hope you all have a great week! I have A LOT of catching up to do. Check back soon to see some of the past weekend's weddings and other portrait shoots. This summer has been one of the best yet!

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